AC & Chiller Product and Services

Cooling solutions for challenging environment

Custom Solutions

At Quadtech, we work directly with our customers to provide custom cooling solutions which directly meet their specific requirements. Frequently, the solutions we provide are intended to meet challenging cooling requirements where thermal precision and efficiency are critical for success. Many of the systems which Quadtech has developed integrate directly into the customer’s chassis, providing solutions which minimize weight, footprint, and cost. Quadtech’s engineers work with our customers to define systems requirements and develop a solution which meets their specific needs.

Quadtech specializes in the design and manufacture of miniature refrigeration systems. We developed the compact chiller for water/oil cooling and have designed numerous commercial and industrial systems based on this technology. We work with our customers to create custom thermal solutions that integrate directly into products to minimize weight, footprint, and costs. We offer standard products which are used across a variety of industries including commercial, industrial and medical.

Closed loop climate control for electrical cabinet

Description :-QUADTECH Cabinet Air conditioners, Air to Air heat exchanger and Air/water heat exchanger are suitable for: Telecommunication Racks, Amplifier Cabinets, VSD Panel, VFD Panel, Inverter Cabinets, Transformer Panel, PLC Panel, CNC machines, Laser cutting machines, electronics rack and etc. They provide close loop cooling, prevent internal air from mixing with external ambient air, keeping your cabinet clean and cool at your preferred temperature.

The QUADTECH Water/Liquid Chiller is designed especially for use in industrial situations. (Oil Chiller available)

Description :- The use of the chiller provides the means to accurately control the temperature of the water or liquid to be cooled. All the production steps, from development to the components study, are oriented to offer a high quality and a customised solution in accordance with the customer's needs. Prefitted with BPHE, Microprocessor Based Temperature controller, Filter Drier, Pressure Gauge, Flow Protection, Gas Charged Valve fitted, Antifreeze protection, High pressure/ Low pressure protection, Single phasing protection Models available from 1 TR to 100 TR.